How to Contribute to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)?

The first thing to know is that DAOs are just like any other organization. They have a mission, goals, and stakeholders. The difference is that they are decentralized and autonomous — they’re not controlled by any central authority. This means that every decision is made by the community of stakeholders in the DAO through voting…

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The Future Of Business Is Community — Goodbye Hierarchy, Hello Decentralized Autonomous Organization

When we think about businesses, it’s easy to imagine them in a hierarchical structure. But what if we could change the way we ran businesses to a decentralized system? What changes would this bring? Community is the foundation of the fourth industrial revolution. Communities are the drivers of decentralized organizations. Decentralized organizations don’t have one…

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How To Transcend Your Leadership Style To Have More Humility?

In his book, Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values, Fred Kofman identifies two types of people in business: controllers and learners. The leadership styles of each are dramatically different. One type will sound familiar as it will be the kind of person we are accustomed to seeing in the business world. The other…

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How Can Leaders Instill A Stronger Sense Of Integrity In Their Teams?

“Developing a conscious culture is a business imperative,” argues Fred Kofman in his book Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values. A conscious culture consists of shared goals, beliefs, and values that are communicated to the employees to educate them on how they are expected to behave. Leaders’ behavior plays a critical role in…

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Do You Know How To Become A Conscious Leader?

conscious leader

Most business books are full of advice on the steps leaders should take to make their teams more effective. These books discuss such topics as how to structure meetings, improve performance, and get more out of their employees. That is, the premise of most of those books is that it is all about the employees.…

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4 Examples Of Innovative Companies That Work And 1 Example That Doesn’t (Part III)

innovative companies

Read Part I here and Part II here. Facebook Actively listening to employees is one of the characteristics of human leadership. Delivering and receiving feedback is massively ingrained in Facebook DNA. Delivering feedback is not just encouraged; it is required. Facebook trains employees on how to share feedback effectively using its internal method, which consists…

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