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Hi, I’m Alina. At the heart of my work is the exploration of how education and career development can be leveraged to create new opportunities for monetizing expertise.

My career, which began at Arthur Andersen in public accounting, has spanned over a dozen industries and 8 countries.

I hold a Doctorate in Strategy and Innovation, an MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies, and a Bachelor's in Public Accounting.

Through my journey, I've realized that the true challenge isn't just acquiring knowledge — it's finding the drive and inspiration to apply what we know.

Beyond my formal education, I've completed over 100 additional courses, further fueling my desire to design a life where freedom, knowledge, and financial security converge.

At Pulsar Innovation, I lead a portfolio of projects that reflect my commitment to this vision. Whether I’m developing the world's premier newsletter showcase, creating content, or exploring the arts, my goal is to broaden the impact of what I know, helping others design fulfilling and multidimensional careers.

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