How to Contribute to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization


The first thing to know is that DAOs are just like any other organization. They have a mission, goals, and stakeholders. The difference is that they are decentralized and autonomous — they're not controlled by any central authority.

This means that every decision is made by the community of stakeholders in the DAO through voting or other mechanisms.

You can contribute to a DAO in many different ways, but first...

Find the right DAO for you.

There are many different kinds of DAOs, and they typically have different focuses and applications. Some DAOs aim to solve social problems; others are more focused on financial gain.

To find the right DAO for you, look for one that aligns with your values and interests. You can do this by reading about the types of DAOs available, learning about their mission statements and goals, and then narrowing down your search based on what's important to you.

After deciding which type of DAO is right for you, set aside some time to research it further and learn about how it operates, its mission statement, and how much support there is behind it.

Consider whether or not the organization aligns with your values. If it doesn't feel like a good fit, don't waste your time getting involved.

Contribute to the development of the DAO 

Use your skills in software development, marketing, design, etc. If you don't have any experience in these areas but still want to contribute, there is always room for people who can help with communication or content creation. For example:

  • You could write code or documentation for an existing project.
  • You could make suggestions for improvements.
  • You could organize events such as meetups, hackathons, etc.
  • You could create new projects around a particular DAO.

Participate in community discussions

Make suggestions and provide feedback on projects. While this is the most basic way to contribute to the organization, it is also the most important one, because it allows everyone to be heard.

Read and comment on DAO discussions. Help people understand how things are going in the DAO. Contribute with your knowledge by being active on the DAO's forums, answering questions, and sharing useful resources.

Contribute to building the infrastructure around the DAO

The DAO infrastructure includes all kinds of tools, platforms, and other services that will be needed in order for the DAO to operate smoothly. These could include:

  • Voting platform or voting mechanism
  • Content management system
  • A liquidity provider platform that allows people to provide liquidity for projects funded by the DAO
  • A reputation system for contributors
  • Other software tools (such as accounting software)

Vote on proposals

Vote on proposals and decisions made by the organization. A proposal is a request for funding or action that is submitted by a member of the DAO. Proposals can be submitted by anyone, but they have to be voted on and approved by the community before they can be implemented.

In order to vote on a proposal, you will need to have some tokens from the DAO. The more tokens you have, typically, the more weight your vote has.

The DAO allows its members to vote on proposals submitted by other members through a democratic process where everyone has an equal voice. In order for a proposal to pass, it needs enough votes from the community so that it reaches quorum (a minimum number of votes required). Once a quorum has been reached, the proposal will be either accepted or rejected.

In some DAOs, token holders can choose to delegate their votes to others who are more knowledgeable about specific topics or projects within the DAO.

Propose an idea or project

If there is a problem or something is missing within an existing DAO, then anyone in that DAO can propose an improvement or new idea to help solve that issue. This is typically done by creating a proposal document, which includes details about your proposed idea and how much money it will cost.

Proposing ideas and projects doesn't take much time, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when doing so:

  • Make sure you're proposing something that makes sense for your organization's mission statement and goals.
  • Make sure your idea isn't already being worked on by someone else within the organization (or if it is, let them know about your proposal).
  • If possible, try to include some sort of budget for whatever project you're suggesting (even if it's just an estimate).

Wrap up

Contributing to a DAO can make you part of an exciting new movement towards self-organization and democratized control. Getting involved with a DAO can be a fun, rewarding experience that lets you contribute to and support projects that matter to you.


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