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I have decided to do something different for this post. Instead of analyzing theories, synthesizing research, or sharing my findings from a book, I am going to present several jobs that do not yet exist but are coming over the next decade.

While some people fear the digital transformation and the loss of work, many existing jobs are simply terrible. Millions of people hate what they do at work – their tasks often being mundane, dull, and sometimes even dangerous. When we look back at history, we can see that jobs are always changing. Remember watching old movies that showed switchboard operators? Technology automated and expedited phone connections, and, in the future, it can enhance many more aspects of our society from healthcare to banking to education.

Institute for the Future partnered with Dell Technologies to produce a report highlighting the emerging trends in the workforce of the future. They concluded that emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, augmented reality, virtual reality, and home robots, will strengthen the formation of human-machine partnerships and improve our daily activities. The report also mentioned that 85% of the jobs that workers will be doing in 2030 have not yet been invented. Nobody knows if that percentage is accurate, but few people doubt that automation will transform the majority of jobs in the future.

In 2019, Cognizant published a report titled 21 Jobs of the Future: A Guide to Getting – and Staying – Employed Over the next 10 Years. Several of those jobs are featured below. What they all have in common is that they focus on connecting people with technology to help humans live better. The report recognizes a world “in which technology has improved things for humans, not robbed us of what we value most: our very humanity.”

Data Detective

This job expands on the explosion of opportunities for data scientists that we have seen over the last decade. A data detective investigates “the mysteries in our big data.” The individual examines data sets generated by various sensors, Internet of Things endpoints, biometric monitors, traditional computing infrastructure, neural capabilities, etc. Data detectives provide recommendations based on their investigation of uncovering and triangulation of the new data sources.

Ethical Sourcing Officer

The role involves leading ethical sourcing initiatives to ensure the corporate spend allocations are aligned with the standards set out by the ethics board. The ethical sourcing officer checks the ethical integrity of every contract in its supply chain, negotiates contractual terms and conditions (including carbon offsetting), and monitors the market for ethical innovation.

Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager

Because AI cannot sell itself, an AI business development manager is needed to develop and deploy sales and business development activities. The role enables sales and solutions architects to develop customer-centric AI value proposition that meets customer and partner requirements.


Many seniors live alone. They do not have anyone to talk to, and they feel isolated. The walker/talker provides conversational companionship for the elderly in the comfort of their own homes. Seniors can enjoy conversations with their new companions creating meaningful relationships for both parties.

Fitness Commitment Counselor

Fitness commitment counselors create accountability for their clients and provide one-on-one remote coaching and counseling sessions. The clients wear smart bands allowing counselors to monitor the clients’ physical activity and recommend personalized exercises for optimal physical engagement levels.

AI-Assisted Healthcare Technician

With the high prevalence of digital tools in healthcare, AI-assisted healthcare technician examines patients’ digital devices. The technician uses AI software to maintain digital medical records and communicate remotely with available doctors to diagnose and treat patients in real-time. The role sometimes requires working with social workers and local police services for at-risk families.

Cyber City Analyst

Cyber city analysts ensure the safety, security, and functionality of a city by checking the automated data flows, such as citizen data, bio data, and asset data, to make certain that they are working properly. Cyber city analysts make repairs to technical and transmission equipment or when data flows are broken or have been hacked.

Man-Machine Teaming Manager

The key responsibilities for this role involve creating augmented hybrid teams combining the strengths of robots/AI with the strengths of humans. To achieve established business goals, the man-machine teaming manager facilitates a productive collaboration by blending the abilities of humans and machines.

Digital Tailor

A digital tailor helps customers measure precise clothing sizes to ensure clothes ordered online fit perfectly. A digital tailor also provides styling recommendations and informs of the latest fashion trends and upcoming events. Another responsibility included in the job is to visit the customers at their homes when the finished items are received to help with the final fit and necessary adjustments.

Chief Trust Officer

With the increased popularity of cryptocurrency and demand for hyper-transparent organizations, the Chief Trust Officer works with the Finance and Public Relations teams to maintain the company’s integrity and brand reputation. The role also oversees the organization’s trading of the traditional and cryptocurrency positions.

Quantum Machine Learning Analyst

Quantum machine learning (QML) analyst applies quantum technologies to increase the speed and performance of learning algorithms to solve real-world problems as quickly as possible. QML analysts build quantum-computer-based machine learning systems to interpret large datasets of quantum information in order to learn from data.

Personal Data Broker

This role requires monitoring and trading of personal data to ensure clients receive income from their data. Personal data brokers price data and execute trades in microdata bonds and data commodities on the newly established data exchanges. The trades have to follow the new global code of ethics that deals with regional, interstate, and international data trades.

Personal Memory Curator

With a much longer life expectancy, brain-related healthcare is lagging. As people get older, they have a hard time remembering various life events. A personal memory curator consults with patients and stakeholders to design a virtual reality experience to recreate places and events from the client’s life.

Augmented Reality Journey Builder

Augmented reality journey builders are the composers and playwrights of the 20th century. They produce augmented reality experiences by designing, writing, creating, gamifying, and personalizing the next generation stories. They create elements, such as the setting, tone, historical time, and characters, to enable customers to move through an augmented reality experience of time, space, and place.

Genetic Diversity Officer

For decades companies focused on preventing discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, and other factors. Now that organizations started to employ workers who have been genetically enhanced, companies are working on ensuring that they foster an environment of genetic inclusion. A Genetic Diversity Officer works with the legal department and in-house genetic pathology team to “develop the organization’s policies and procedures on genetic equality and inclusion practice,” in accordance with government legislation.

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