Reimagine Yourself: Who Will You Be At Work In The Future?

By Alina Okun | October 14, 2020 |
Workforce reimagined

We are well educated and prepared for the past, but are we ready for the future of work, the future that has not yet been defined? That is a tough question to answer. How do you prepare for something that does not yet exist? You can, and Heather McGowan and Chris Shipley have written a…

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How To Convert Vision To Strategy?

By Alina Okun | October 12, 2020 |
turn vision to strategy

Imagining the best possible future is one thing, but figuring out what to do to achieve that vision is another matter. In their book Lead from the Future: How to Turn Visionary Thinking Into Breakthrough Growth, Mark Johnson and Josh Suskewicz describe how future-back leaders use their capacity for learning, deep curiosity, and comfort with…

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How To Become A Forward-Looking Visionary Leader?

By Alina Okun | October 10, 2020 |
Visionary leader

What do Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Steve Jobs have in common? All three are recognized as visionary leaders. They looked past the conventional wisdom and set out to create a different and better world, but they did not do it on their own. They inspired others to join them on their transformative journey. Mark…

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What Is The Most Significant Effect Of AI On Career Options?

By Alina Okun | October 9, 2020 |
future career options

I have two children, and I often wonder how to help them choose the right careers for the world as it will be tomorrow, rather than as it is today. Throughout my research, career advice for the future has been remarkably consistent. Similar to other modern-day business thinkers, Max Tegmark, the author of a book…

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What Is The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Society?

By Alina Okun | October 6, 2020 |
Artificial intelligence

It is hard to escape the debate about the impact of artificial intelligence on our future. Will artificial intelligence help us flourish, or will it be the cause of our destruction? AI researchers disagree on this topic passionately. Max Tegmark discusses different positions in his book Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial…

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What Is Wrong With How We View Disruption?

By Alina Okun | October 4, 2020 |
disruption Clayton Christensen

Right now, it feels as if everything is being disrupted. However, even before COVID-19 became one of the most significant disruptions in generations, another wave of disruption had been taking place for several decades, emanating from Silicon Valley. While no one wanted the experience caused by COVID-19, the disruption occurring in Silicon Valley was intentional…

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What Is An Entrepreneur And How To Think About It Correctly?

By Alina Okun | October 2, 2020 |
entrepreneur and entrepreneurship

It seems that everyone is an entrepreneur these days. People who operate their own businesses and do not work for others tend to see themselves as entrepreneurs. In some cases, they might be right, but most of them are simply business owners. In his new book The Innovation Stack: Building an Unbeatable Business One Crazy…

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How To Innovate To Create Something New?

By Alina Okun | September 30, 2020 |
Innovate something new

We all want to be innovative. Senior leaders consistently rank innovation and developing an innovative culture as one of their top priorities. However, they also say that employees do not have the proper skills to innovate effectively. Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand how individuals and organizations can learn to innovate? In his new book…

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Will Blockchain Transform The Architecture Of The Internet?

By Alina Okun | September 28, 2020 |
internet architecture

While it was interesting to learn about the history of bitcoin and Ethereum, the big questions remain: “What is the future of the Internet?” and “What impact will blockchain have on our future?” George Gilder, in his book Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy, gives us…

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What Is The Difference Between Ethereum And Bitcoin?

By Alina Okun | September 26, 2020 |
ethereum blockchain

While the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto might be a subject of great debate, nobody is questioning the origins of Ethereum. George Gilder, in his book Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy, tells the story of how Ethereum was created. Vitalik Buterin is the founder of the…

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